3-vetReiki is a form of Japanese energy medicine. It promotes a state of deep relaxation, thus reducing anxiety, stress, and pain. It is a wonderful therapy for emotional issues such as phobias and past traumas. As a form of energy medicine, it can be combined with crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and Bach Flower therapy to enhance desired effects. We also offer reiki therapy for owners too! You can even enjoy a joint session with your pet. Dr. Eva is a Reiki Master and uses her lifetime of experience working with animals of all varieties to connect deeply with her patients during energy medicine sessions.

Healing Touch for Animals is a system of Energy Medicine techniques based on the Chakra System. This modality has been modified from use in human to be tailored to the unique differences in the energy system of animals. It is often more effective and powerful than other forms of Energy Medicine, not specifically intended for use in animals. It is very useful for emotional issues, such as grief, anxiety, preparation for end of life, transitions in the home, animals that have been abandoned or re-homed, trauma/PTSD, physical pain and cancer.